Field Services

Field Services

The goal of our Field Service Group Division is to meet your project requirements in a timely and cost competitive manner while assuring compliance to safety and quality standards.

To attain this goal we have eight supervisors with over 180 years of combined experience in continuous digester equipment maintenance plus countless years of general construction experience. These supervisors bring with them crews that are unique in that they work exclusively on the repair, maintenance and installation of pulp and paper equipment and vessels. Our supervisors and crews appreciate and understand your expectations and take considerable pride in exceeding them. Miller’s field crews and tool trailers are available to equip your shutdown, maintenance project, or emergency. Many locations can be activated quickly from our service locations in Glens Falls, New York and Brookhaven, Mississippi.

We maintain ASME and NBIC Code Stamps for fabrication and repair of vessels. Field welders are skilled to our code qualified weld procedures and can perform weld repairs, weld build-up, and weld overlay on ASME pressure vessels as required. Miller Mechanical Services, Inc. has a service proven overlay system that along with our experienced supervisors and crews, can cut your downtime and costs on vessel shell build-up, weld overlay, and future maintenance.

Below is a list of some of the more common types of field work we perform.

Digester/Impregnation Vessel – repairs and modifications

Internal cone
Center pipes
Head replacements
Screen removal and installation
Peripheral piping
Shell repairs, weld build-up
Nozzle repairs and replacement

Air Lock – change-out, rebuild and inspections

Batch Digesters – repairs, screens, overlay and replacement

Chip Meter – change-out, rebuild and inspections

Diffusers – screen repairs/replacement, balancing, and rebuilds

Drum Washers – rebuilds and repairs

Evaporators – repairs, modifications, and element replacement

Flash Tank – repairs, modifications, and replacement

Heaters – repairs, re-tubing, modifications and replacement

High Pressure Feeder – change-out and inspections

Level Tanks – repair and replacement

Low Pressure Feeder – change-out and inspections

O2 Reactor – repairs and replacement

Outlet Device – rebuilds, repairs and replacement

Pumps & Agitators – rebuilds and repairs

Sand Separator – repairs and replacement

Steaming Vessel – repairs, modifications, and replacement

Tanks – repairs, modifications, and replacement

Top Separators – rebuilds, repairs and replacement

Unfired Pressure Vessels – inspection, repairs, modifications and replacement

Valve – change-outs

Other services that we offer to improve your shutdown and maintenance tasks are:

  • Project Management
  • Engineering & Design
  • Cost Analysis
  • Follow-up Reporting
  • Emergency Services
  • Shop Fabrication Support

Jobs done right the first time.